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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lightning strikes, twice

At lunchtime, I get a very panicked call from Mike.
Mike: "HONEY!!"
Me: "What???"
Mike: "My bike frame is cracked!"
Me: "What???"
Me: (F$%K) "Don't panic, it's gonna be ok. It could be worse!" (F$%K)
Mike: "Did I mention to you, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!"

Lightning strikes, once.

He heads over to Colorado Multisport where they are trying to contact Cervelo to see if there's any way in hell we can get him a new frameset before we leave in 11 days. To be continued...

Thankfully, I had a killer swim this morning, 2500 yards and felt like I had 1 great workout down today, 1 to go. Apparently, Mother Nature must be slightly pissed off that Hillary Clinton conceded today (sorry folks, GO OBAMA!) and decided to have a hissy, crying fit around say, oh, I don't know... the time I get about 5 miles from home. My phone rings, it's Mike. It goes something like this:

Me: "Hello?"
Mike: "Honey! Where are you?"
Me: "On my bike, headed north. I'm fine."
Mike: "I'm scared for you. It's nasty at home."
Me: "Oh, it's fine... the wind is blowing this storm southeast and I'm headed north. I'll be fine."
Mike: "Well, I can come get you, I'm here. BE CAREFUL!"
Me: "Ok, bye!"
Crackle, BOOM, POP, hisssssssssssss, the sky lights up!!

Lightning strikes, twice.

Me: "HOLY S%&T!!!!!!!!!!"
Calling Mike...ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring...argh! Where the hell is he?
He calls me back as he was removing his cracked bike from the roof of the car.
Me: "PLEASE COME GET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am at the pool house shelter up near Erie"

Probably not a good idea to be within feet of a pool but I have no choice.

Get home, on the trainer, which freakin' SUCKS and I can't pedal faster than 11.8 miles per hour, piece of CRAP. Are you freakin' jokin' me??? Stop at 12.88 miles (which included the 5 I already rode) and said, screw it. At 11-12 mph it will be midnight before I get done. No way jose.

I'll just have to try this ride again Friday night. Maybe Ma' Nature will have a date and leave us poor training saps with absolutely no social life alone! Beeatch!


Mike said...

what a day...hehe. I'll take the trainer in and swap it out...piece of crap! did I say I was scared for you...:) it was nasty!

Brian said...

I feel you. I did a little tempo ride yesterday afternoon in the rain too. I had AIs to do and no way was I going to sit on the trainer. I had it easy by comparison though - just a ride in a light rain. On the up side, I might have finally pee'd my pants on the bike if was caught in your storm!