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Friday, June 27, 2008

Didn't I just do this?

ho-hum...I feel like I repeated yesterday today. Somehow managed to get up again before 5am to make it to the pool in time. Swam 2150 yards and felt tired, exhausted more like it after last night's 38 mile ride. There weren't a lot of drills so I was able to get through the workout in an hour.

Raced home, got ready for work, dropped Luna off at the vet for her twice a year check-up, hit my new fave coffee shop for another 4 shot latte and was back at the grindstone. The market sucks (I work in the financial industry) so some days are less happy around the office than others. Today was sketch...damn Dow.

Picked Luna up on the way home - she's in great shape, lost a little weight and is now weighing in at 88.5lbs. Yay. This will help with her hip disease. Also, it was confirmed that she has a chronic condition called Dry Eye - she doesn't produce enough tears. She's totally OPPOSITE of me. It's treatable but a condition that will never go away.

Have NO idea how I managed to finish my 30 mile ride. I was so dead tired, I mean, falling-asleep-in-aero-tired. This is build. Came home to a meal already in progress - thanks Mike! He started making it shortly after he came home from the tatoo parlor. Yes, you read correct. He got the m-dot on his right calf. It's killer. I can't wait to get mine!

Heading to bed. Can't keep my eyes open, even with little Matthew McConaughey on the tube. We rented Fools Gold. Cute movie but I just can't hack it anymore. zzzzzzzzzz Getting up at 6am and will be heading over to the Boulder Rez for my 56mile ride/13.5mile run brick. I am really excited about it. Moreso because after that I get a... FULL REST DAY SUNDAY!! HOORAY!!

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