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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ready to Build

After what feels like doing nothing for a whole week, I am really ready and excited to begin the next phase of Ironman training, Build. I feel extremely prepared as I will get to use all the mileage and yardage I've built up to over the past 13 weeks and add to it a lot more speed. I spent a lot of time in z2 - warming up - and now it's time to spend more in z3 and z4. I have been working on changing my attitude about speedwork. If I want to be faster, I need to train faster. It's that simple. So I am turning over a new leaf.

Yesterday, I got up bright and early and for once, I was able to head out the door before 8am not completely bundled up. There was no wind to speak of when I started. I had a 43 mile ride to do, with 14 miles in z3. The ride was really uneventful as I rode through the dairy farmlands up north. I spent a lot of time thinking about Ironman, how I would feel, how I would be performing. I have to admit, when I really begin thinking about September 7 and get 'in the moment', I start to choke up and get teary-eyed. But as anyone who knows me knows...that is not at all unusual. I am such a cry-baby and am totally ok with it! I also thought about Josey, a lot. It was 5 months ago that we lost her. I still can't believe the time has passed...now this is something that I still can't talk about. I just miss her so freaking damned much...

Finished the 43.76 miles in 2:43, avergaging exactly 17mph. I was super pleased with that!

In the afternoon, I headed up to Longmont to work with a woman who practices Qigong energy healing. It lasted about 90 minutes and I experienced some pretty surreal and amazing things both emotionally and physically. We severed some negative energies from this life and past lives. I was exhausted afterwards but felt solid in mind and body. The main focus on this session was to develop and strengthen the self-confidence that I lack. I know you can't see it in me but it's there, dark and evident and has been haunting me for years. I am ready for peace and quiet in my mind and soul. I am on the right track.

Today, I am going to be working with Jess and SkirtSports at the the Elephant Rock Ride expo. It should be a lot of fun and a great final resting day before I tackle what's to come this week... I am highly motivated and only wish I was riding 100 miles today ... but have no fear, I will be doing just that in 2 weeks at the Sunrise Century. However, the Sunrise Century course is much more difficult that today's ride and well, we all know how I do everything the hard way ...

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