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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still thawing out.

This morning's swim was rough.
Got to the pool at 5am to find out that the heater was broken and the temperature of the pool was a breezy 78. Considering it's normally 87, I was in for quite a shock. I thought it wouldn't be too bad but I froze my ass off. I had my biggest swim yet and was so cold, teeth chattering and breathless the entire time. I had to use my snorkel so I could breathe, which was cool because I really worked on my stroke. It would have been OK if I had a wetsuit but I had no warmth and suffered in that water for 90 minutes. I just couldn't move fast enough. My right hand eventually went numb. I finished though, somehow, I did it. I hopped into the HOT tub after for about 6 minutes and it felt awesome. I was wiped out though from trying to stay warm.

My entire day was spent trying to stay awake. It was tough. I was so unmotivated and unable to focus at work. I was kind of dreading tonight's open water swim.

Got to Union rez around 6:10 and put on my wetsuit. Pepped up some but then took Bach's Rescue Remedy to subside my anxiety. THAT seemed to work ok but when I got in the water, I relived my experience this morning all over again. It was friggity cold. There were tons of people there ... and that was encouraging including, Chris, Wicked Pissah!, their friend Paul, and Brian, the guy who taught me how to swim last summer. Unfortunately, this did not pump me enough to get excited to swim in more cold water.

After procrastinating for 10 minutes, I went for it. I was able to swim some, but would stop to catch my breath, then continue and so on... after what felt like FOREVER to move 400 yards, I was done. Last year, my best times, non-stop swimming 1 loop (400 yards) was just under 9 minutes. Tonight, with all my tooling and stopping and bobbing, 11 minutes or so. Ok, this rocks!! Once it warms up some, I know I will be faster and better... for now, I am totally happy being in the pool. When the heater is working that is... I only swam 800 yards... I was too exhausted but I am ok with that. It will get better with practice...

I am sooooo tired though and am ready to pass out. I have no idea what tomorrow holds. I just know I really REALLY need sleep.

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