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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3,350 yard swim, 18 mile run

...with an 8 hour work day in the middle. All I can say is that when I finished my run at 8:50PM tonight, I thanked the Lord for giving me the strength both mentally and physically to complete today's training. Honestly, there is no other way I could have done it without some sort of Supreme assistance!

Unfortunately beat the alarm today and was up at 4am. Tried to catch up on some emails before I left for the pool. I can tell you now, over the course of the next 4 1/2 weeks I am asking for at least a 10 day grace period in replies to emails and return phone calls. My life has been reduced to training, working, training, eating multiple times and sleeping. Ahh, Ironman living.

Had a great swim - was in the pool for an hour and fifty minutes or so. I had trouble with my balance - I think a result of switching from open water swimming with a wetsuit to pool swimming. It usually takes one or two pool sessions to get back in the groove. So to assist me with this transition is my trusty pull buoy. It came to my rescue a few times today. I was definitely pumped when I left the pool having swam the farthest distance in my entire life.

Work was busy, which helped the time pass. I was constantly snacking and doing my best to hydrate since the temperature was about 99. I was hoping for some rain in the forecast but no luck. My run was going to be a hot one.

Got home and prepared to bake. Loaded up the camelback with ice and Gatorade Endurance. Had 5 gels on me along with endurolytes and glucose tablets. I needed ALL of it. The first 2 miles were especially rough as it felt like I had the air had a choke hold on my neck. It was stagnant with no breeze nor cloud cover. Ugh. It was hot. My pace felt like 14 minute miles. It was going to be a loooong night. Settled into z3 right away - with this kind of heat, it's easy to do. Held the zone for almost 70 minutes - was supposed to run 8 miles in it. I would take what I could get. Thankfully, the second 10k loop bumped into some cloud cover along with a nice 10 degree temperature drop. I was able to increase the pace and drop into z2 where I stayed for the rest of the run.

Around mile 10 or so, my legs started to suffer. Those muscles have excellent memory and they started remembering everything I have put them through in the past 48 hours. The pain settled in, especially into my feet and the suffering began - both mentally and physically, everywhere. So with that, I started to practice the "IRONMAN SHUFFLE." I have it down to a science and definitely know what I will be doing come September 7 to knock out the final 26.2 miles of my journey. The game began as well. You know the one, where you start to barter and bargain with your Creator...it goes something like this:

[Insert your divine being], I just want to say that if you let me [insert goal you want to achieve], I promise to stop [insert bad behavior] and will definitely do more of [insert some sort of philanthropy or good deed for your partner or spouse] tomorrow.

Needless to say, I have a lot to do for Mike tomorrow because I didn't die tonight and somehow managed to get home in one piece. With Mike's help too - he came out 3 times to check on me with ice cold water.... thanks again babe - you are so wonderful!

I think tomorrow I will take it easy with a 25 mile bike ride and figure out the rest of the week after that. Somehow, I'll fit it all in... life is like a jigsaw puzzle right now and I am just trying to find the pieces that fit together...


Cristen aka Payne D. Spencer said...

AAAhh...let the bargaining begin! Few people can do half of what you have already accomplished with your training. Keep your goal in sight, but take a minute to give yourself some credit for what you have achieved. And, eat more pizza to bring extra happiness to your life!

Anonymous said...

You are unbelievebale

Go.2.Belle said...

a phone call now and then, or a txt would be ok too. xoxo Your big sis.

ps ++vibes++