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Monday, July 21, 2008

Boulder Peak race report

Saturday was spent preparing for my triathlon Sunday. I had a dip in the rez and then came home to practice my transitions. I felt prepared and more importantly, excited.

The alarm went off at 4am and I got moving. Ate, got my stuff in the car and left for the rez around 5am. The sun was just starting to rise when I got there. It was so awesome to see so many athletes at that hour, all with various goals in mind but we all shared one, finishing.

As I was waiting in line to get body marked, I began to see many familiar faces. That's the cool part about living where I do - I can go to a race and be sure I will always know at least one person. Got into transition and ran into more friends. I was starting to get a little nervous but I was moreso excited. I set up my transition area and felt ready. I did however, put off going down to the water. naturally. Chris finally coaxed me to go the water after a quick talk with Jess on my swim plan. I felt much better then and headed down.

Got in the water and warmed up a bit, I felt good. Calm. This was key. Of course, I noticed my heart rate creeping up as we got closer to our wave start. I looked at it about 20 seconds before we were to go out and I noticed it creeping up 1 beat at a time. I laughed and then we were off. The start was ok, I felt fine, middle of the pack. Got about 2o, 30? strokes in and got bumped and swallowed a ton of water. I was disoriented and the fear came. I stopped, treaded, continued but I really needed to burp. I swam a little further, stopped again and tried to get this bubble out of my throat. Finally did but felt like I needed to make up time and swam a little too hard and was fatigued so I stopped again. Crap. I just wanted to swim... re-evaluated the game plan. Went a little wide (or outside the buoys) so I would be all alone and started again...slowly. Relaxed. Breathe...stroke, breathe...stroke... and I continued to do this with 2 more stops along the way to finish. 36 minutes and change. Crappy but it's over. Raced out to T1 and saw my Coach and Jess... ah, familiar faces...on LAND.

Was in and out of transition in 1:49. My heart rate was already sky high and so I spent the first 2 miles trying to slow it down. Headed out to Olde stage and was ready to attack. Pushed through some burning in my quads and started to pass some women from my age group that were obviously better swimmers. Hammered up Olde stage to find Mike at the top of it dressed like the Devil from the Tour de France. He obviously made friends up there because there were people yelling at me "It's the Devil's wife, it's the Devil's wife." This made me smile and pedal harder. It was so awesome to have Mike there. I cruised through the rest of the bike course as it was mostly downhill or flat and passed quite a few more women from my age group. Got back to transition. 1:25:04 averaging 18.4mph.

Switched into my run clothes and was off - transition time was 1:09. The first aid station was the HEP family and this was a great way to be welcomed to the final part of the course. My legs were heavy and slow. I was really trying to turn my cadence over quick but I had nothing. It was hot (mid90's at this point) and running at the Rez is like running in an oven with no breeze. Luckily, half-way through, I ran into a woman I know that was part of a relay and was only doing the run. She had fresh legs and was running considerably faster than I was so I hung on with her (did I mention she had surgery on her arm last Monday - what a stud!) I felt like I was cheating because I let her pace me but it was me doing the running not her, so technically??? Anyways, at the final aid station she told me she would meet up with me and it was at that final mile that I had my running legs back and I picked up the pace some more and headed for home. Coming down the final stretch, there were people everywhere, cheering and screaming. It was so awesome! I was grinning ear to ear as I approached the finish line. I was just so happy to be done! My run was 58:20 (9:25 pace)...

My final time was 3 hours, 2 minutes and 40 seconds. I had no idea what to expect. I am really thrilled with my time but obviously know that my swim and run need improvement. This distance really made me appreciate what I am really training for - Ironman. I like long, slow and no-pressure-to-be-fast-kind-of-races. I like the suffering of that more and I am definitely going to get every bit of that at Ironman and then some.

Me and Kelly B afterwards

Thanks everyone for being out there to support and cheer me on!!!!!

Went to lunch at the Southern Sun with the Gumkowski's afterwards to celebrate and hang out. 2 beers and I was ready for a nap. Got home and did just that. For almost 3 hours. It felt great!

Yesterday was a great day and I am really ready to attack my week:
7400 yards swimming
189 miles cycling
38.5 miles running


Anonymous said...

Nice! I saw your results last night and thought you'd be pretty happy. Congratulations! See you soon ~ Petra

Jackie said...

Congratulations......YOU are the STUD !

You looked fabulous at the finish !

Trina aka Doll said...

Kristina....I'm a friend of Michelle's in Chi-town (and a fellow skater too). I find you so inspiring. Getting your cool back once you're a little off, is really where its at to succeed at anything! I will keep reading!

Go.2.Belle said...

Hey K. You rock. Very proud of your accomplishments. Yahoo sis!

Jessica said...

Congratulations! You did all of this and still managed to leave The Longest Message in the World on my voicemail. I'm not sure you worked hard enough - you weren't even winded! Seriously though, you were great and you got through a really tough spot only to keep on going, and going strong. And that's why you're going to be an Ironman come September.