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Friday, July 4, 2008

Epic ride on the 4th of July

Woke up at 6am to get ready for my longest ride, ever. 103 miles. I was a little nervous going into it because of my fun little saddle sore. Smothered tons of body glide on it and filled up my chamois with loads of chamois cream (the kind that totally numbs you down there) and was ready to go. Headed out at 7am and the plan was to go to Olde Stage - repeat that sucker 3 times, then head up to Lyons and then head to Left Hand. I strayed from that plan around mile 21 and made my way to Highway 36 and went for Lyons first.

Just about 3 miles from home, I met a guy who was riding up to Ft. Collins. We started chatting about stuff and I remember telling him that I really hope to get a flat tire just once before Ironman so I could practice changing it. In 3 years, I have had 2 flats and I was not the one to change it so you can imagine how I really needed to learn this. Well, I tell you. Ask the universe for something and it will give it. Just as I was about to get onto Hwy 36, I met up with a girl that asked me where I got the pink Dean inlays. I was like, huh? Then I looked down at her bike - a DEAN with green inlays. We chuckled, got to talking and it turns out she's training for IMAZ. During our conversation, I noticed that my bike felt weird but didn't think to check my front tire, only my back. When she left, I looked down and noticed I was riding on my rim. Aw, shoooooooooot. A flat. Thankfully the universe handed me a flat front tire...baby steps.

I got the wheel off and the managed somehow to get the old tube off and part of the new one on. I was really struggling to get the whole thing put back together - despite the fact that about 5 cyclists asked me if I needed help. I respectfully declined. I had to figure this out. I called Mike -no answer, I called Jess-no answer and I was just about to call Petra when a little old lady emerged from an open space and flagged down someone to help me. She was awesome. After that, 3 more riders stopped and so there was 6 of us hovering around me and my flat tire. I felt like such a doof but was so happy for the experience. 20 minutes later, I was back at it.

Ride was pretty uneventful after that. Around mile 62, I tried some fritos and that turned out to be a disaster. My stomach was all jacked up after that and I could barely stay in aero. Must have been a little too greasy - will opt for potato chips or wheat thins next time. I just wanted a little salty food snack. Grrr. The last 21 miles felt like it took 21 years. It was in the mid-90s and I windy - of course I was riding into it.
Made my final stop at a gas station where I sought utter relief in a 16oz fountain drink = coca-cola. It totally perked me up and settled my stomach. So much to learn about nutrition on the bike - one thing for sure - do NOT stray from previous things that have worked and don't try anything new! 8 weeks from tomorrow, it will pay off.

Got home and was never happier. My legs felt awesome - no dull ache and I threw on my running shoes and ran 1/2 a mile. I pray that my legs feel that good on race day. I could have run so much more and not felt awful.

Celebrated by going out to dinner with our friends AJ and Heather and then headed over to watch the fireworks in Broomfield, near our rec center. Put on 2 more miles on my bike for a grand total of 105 for the day. Of course, this second ride was much harder than the first because of the 2 beers I had at dinner and the attire I was wearing (capris and flip flops!) - we had such a blast though. It was a great 4th!

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