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Sunday, July 6, 2008

For the skeptics.

I just came across an old college photo - when I was heavy into beer, 2am pizza and powdered donuts and NO exercise at all. I was about 40lbs heavier and really unhealthy. and I obviously hated color! What a horrible outfit - to wear to a bar no less. What was I thinking?? Those coveralls weren't covering anything - Ewwww! What a dork!

This photo taken today, after 19 weeks of Ironman training...and NO donuts :) Still love pizza and beer though and now love bright colors... and pretending to know how to do some sort of fitness pose. Clearly ... I'm still a dork! Susanne, Bobby? - any advice on how to show off my pipe-cleaners?


Deanna said...

You gotta love the coveralls. I had a pair too. ha ha ha.

Man you are one hot and sexy lady!

BTW-I heart dorks.

Go.2.Belle said...

I love you. You are perfect.
So there.
Your sister, Michelle