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Friday, July 25, 2008

I have survived

It's Friday night and I look back to last Sunday and have no clue how I got here. Everything is a blur but I am satisfied knowing that I have survived. Managed to get up this morning at 4:30am and head to the pool for my 2,550 tempo swim. It was a tough workout - I was so incredibly tired. I used the pull buoy a little and struggled through the AO 100's. What does this mean? AO is ALL OUT and 100's are 2 laps. I didn't take much for me to give it my ALL since there wasn't much left to give.

Work was slow and so I was able to relax some during the day. We had a 50% threat of rain in the afternoon and I was really happy for that. This meant it might cool down and be cloudy for my 10mile run. It was dark and stormy for my drive home and so I cleaned up around the house a bit before heading out at 5:45pm.

Without doubt, it was an incredibly slow and painful run. My feet hurt so bad! Muscles were tired but manageable in movement but my feet... Oyyyyyyyyye! (Please watch Caddyshack II for the sound effect of that word.) I don't get it. I have been working on shoes for the past year and just can't figure it out. I am definitely heading over to Fleet Feet Sunday with all my running shoes in tow (4 different brands) and we're going to figure this thing out. In the meantime, every foot strike was excruciating. Finished my run in a stealth-like hour and 43 minutes. Got my shoes off and discovered 2 new blisters and another toenail coming off. So, this leaves me with 2 toenails on my right foot and 3 on my left.
What you are about to view bears strong resemblance to some sort of mythical or folklore creature like a troll or hobbit or very old man. It's not pretty, I assure you. Once you see the bone structure by my pinky toes, you'll understand. I hope you have a strong stomach and all I can say is thank goodness I'm already married otherwise I could never get a guy to date me with these hideous things rubbing up against them in the middle of the night.

So, these dogs need a little TLC after tomorrow's ride. 114 miles baby... hell YEAH and then the week is over... thankfully!


Go.2.Belle said...

dude. I'm speachless about those toes.

yaicha said...

Yo! Kristina- found your blog. You are such a rockstar! I felt your pain yesterday on my 13 mile run, man my feet were in pain! your poor toes :(

PS. you kicked butt at stroke and stride. you will totally have the swim in the bag at Wisconsin!

knopfler said...

is that a sixth toe?