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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I LOVE Swimming!

I do, I really do love it when I feel good when I'm doing it. There's not a lot of love goin' round though when I'm dragging butt and off balance.

Got up this morning a little late and didn't get to the pool until 5:20am, which is super late for me. Had 2,450 to swim and with drills, I always worry I will be super duper late for work. Got into my lane and ended up sharing with total-sloppy-swimmer-guy. I have been in his lane a few times and he crosses over, hits me, strokes water in my mouth - all in all - AWESOME practice for IMMOO.

Lots of z3/z4/sprint stuff today. Held my own and muddled through it [with the occasional assistance of my pull buoy]. Overall, the swim was solid and I feel good. Anxious to get closer to swimming 2.4 miles though and so I am pretty sure that will come next week and the week after.

Massage in about an hour and I am drooling just thinking about it. My poor body!!

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