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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our own version of Stroke n Stride

Met up with Mike at Union Rez tonight in Longmont and we both had planned on swimming 4 laps (1600 yards.) My plan called for 1500 and I would rather go over then be under, especially in the swim! It was another busy night as a lot of locals are preparing for the Boulder Peak this weekend. I like it better when there are more people. That gives me a chance to practice being comfortable around all these swimmers. It of course can't possibly compare to 2,200 IM swimmers BUT I know they're out there and that's all I need to think about at Union.

The first lap is always rough for me. It pretty much sucks. I feel rusty, achey, tired...as if I was doing this for the first time. I usually don't hit my groove in open water til about 500-600 yards. My first lap was slow and I was wiped out. I don't remember to relax and all I think about is finishing. Without fail. By the third lap, I am completely relaxed and getting into a rhythm. It showed tonight as each lap quickened and I grew less tired at the end. Swam the first 400 in 8:49 and finished up with 8:03. Again, this all without kicking and I am slowly SLOWLY working on incorporating that more. It's tough to do but it should help more with balance and it's not as if I have to kick hard. I am just so used to not doing it all that I get a little excited when I do and that raises my HR and I just don't know how to deal with that, yet. In the meantime, I am becoming friends with the water.

After the swim, Mike and I changed into our running gear and headed out for a 30 minute OD run. For some reason, my HR is always so much higher while running after a swim then running after a ride. I could have crawled faster at the HR zone I was supposed to be in. I had incredible self-control and would walk to get my HR back down to where it needed to be. We finished the run headed west, towards the tree-lined water and then sun setting over the mountains. It was a gorgeous night! Hung out with my girl Chris afterwards, chatting away and got home about 8:45pm. Ate more pasta (what a surprise) and am now trying to wind down. In the meantime, Mike has gotten strangely hooked on extreme cage fighting on Versus so I am definitely going to read!

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Deanna said...

Happy Hump Day! Sounds like you are doing great. Strong. Keep it up! Good luck at Boulder Peak this weekend! xoxox