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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Ride of My Life

Slept in. It was much needed -- 8 solid, straight hours of sleep. I was having a rough week and I knew today would be a long day. What difference could an hour earlier start on the bike make? In retrospect? NONE. The plan today was that Mike would escort me to Olde Stage as he had a 54 mile ride. We headed out around 7:30am - I was ready. I felt totally prepared to conquer this momentous ride, all 114 miles of it. The plan was to get most of my nutrition from my bottles - Infinit. I changed my formula so that I could get all of my calories from fluids. However, knowing that I don't typically drink an entire bottle an hour, I also brought along 2 Luna Sport Moons, a Powerbar and some money to buy something else should I need it.

We got to Olde Stage and Mike rode up it once with me and headed back home. I had 2 more climbs up and I was headed back to Tom Watson Park where I would check in with BJ who had an 88 mile ride. I texted him but didn't hear back so I headed up to Carter Lake. I had already ridden about 40?? miles and to Carter Lake and back was another 50.

Got lost on my way there but somehow managed to find the right road that would lead me to Berthoud. Somewhere around mile 65, I met up with Wicked Pissah. Apparently he was on the other side of the road and I gave him the obligatory cyclist nod but didn't recognize him. As I was desparetly trying to tear up a hill, he was cruising ever so effortlessly up behind me and said hello. I was shocked and thrilled to see him and have some company. He had already ridden up to Carter Lake but did it again -urging me on. In the meantime, my legs felt amazing. I started using Sports Legs about a week ago and it seemed to be working.

Craig and I rode back to Hygene where I grabbed a Quaker Oats granola bar and a Cherry Coke. It was delicious. I had gotten a text from BJ earlier saying that he flatted 3 times (and he also flatted 3 times Thursday - poor guy) and he was getting a late start. However, I looked up to see him flying by - obviously doing some type of interval training and I shouted his name and he said I'll be right baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. 2 minutes later he joined us at the gas station. Craig said goodbye as I thanked him profusely and BJ said he would ride with me to get me close to home. At this point, I was around mile 90 - still feeling awesome. I was so excited to have another escort for this ride. How lucky am I?

He dropped me off about 12 miles from home. More thank yous from me as I was fortunate enough to be able to have company almost all day. From there I watched my odometer as it started to creep towards 112...Ironman distance. It hit that number as I started a little climb towards home. How fitting since we ascend into a helix in Wisconsin. I almost teared up but I felt so freakin' awesome that all I could do was smile stupidly. Also, when I got lost, I went a few extra miles out of the way so I knew I would be over 114 but it didn't matter because I felt awesome!

Got home well after 4pm and clocked 118 miles today. Did you hear that Mike - 118 MILES!!!!! Ride time was nothing stellar - 7hours 25minutes which ended me up at 15.9 mph. Ran 1/2 mile afterwards and my legs felt good - tired of course but not in any pain. I will never go without Sports Legs again. They're amazing. In the meantime, we went out to dinner with our good friend Mariano to celebrate. I had the ride of my life today and I can only pray that my legs feels this good at Ironman... which is 6 weeks from tomorrow!

To the IMCdA Crew - the 3 amigos (I missed you Blogless Brian) - thank you so much for your incredible company and for keeping me going. Jess and Chris - thank you for letting me monopolize your husbands for the day. To my darling husband - thanks for driving my 2-beered-drunk-ass home from the restaurant. I LOVE YOU!

For the day:
3 bottles of water
5 bottles of Infinit
2 Cliff Luna Sport Moons
1 Granola Bar
2 Coca-colas
1 Power Bar

Total Calories: approximately 2,000 which averages to about 266 calories per hour. This felt good and is in the right ballpark for my plan at IM.

Tomorrow? REST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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