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Friday, July 18, 2008

I live in Slack City

In all fairness, this is a race week and my final stabilizer before I taper...but as much as I love having some semblance of a life this week, I don't like the blues that come along with periods of inactivity. I did do everything according to 'the plan' but am still managing to feel like a fat, slothy, slacker.

Swam 1200 yards at Union rez last night and ran 15 minutes after. Felt great for both. Actually passing people on the swim, something that never happens. That made me really happy. I am getting into a groove and definitely curbing the anxiety which is really exciting. I am anxious to see what happens Sunday when I am pitted against 1500 other swimmers...of course, staggered starts but still... knowing the vastness of people going to be swimming in the same water as me will definitely pump up the nerves some and I welcome this feeling. I am going to deal with it and work out the kinks before Ironman. Fact.

Today was the highly acclaimed REST DAY!!! If you're standing, sit. If you're sitting, lay down and if you're laying down, sleep. I did that as best I could at work and now my slacker duff is on the couch watching a nasty old Michael Douglas movie...Fatal Attraction... good junk tube for sure.

Going to head to bed early and hope to get a good night sleep. My sleep patterns have been rough lately and I am having a hard time staying asleep. Perhaps it has something to do with the full moon, who knows. Talked to Craig today about my plan next week - I need as much sleep as I can get! It's going to be the absolute toughest week of all of my training. Any prayers thrown my way are greatly appreciated.

I would love to give huge KUDOS to Craig for his amazing job last Sunday at Ironman Switzerland!! The weather was tough but Craig proved to be tougher... Thank you so much for being such a stellar example of how to be an Ironman!! YOU ROCK!

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