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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some ridin' and some choppy swimmin'

Had a challenge today - needed to ride 39 miles and swim 2300 yards, and work. Hmm. Opted to split up the ride. Rode 12 miles before work - slept in a little too which was nice (got up at 5:10am).

The ride wasn't the greatest. My legs were tired, I wasn't feeling it. Could barely get my HR up. Would try again after work.

Same thing. A repeat if you will, only further. Everything was bugging me. Squeaks on my bike, my aerobars were uncomfortable, my sore was driving me nuts. I think it's a clogged sweat gland on my left inner thigh. It was hot. Ended up riding 18 - I was in a bad mood and thought, this ain't worth it and I probably should have bagged the second attempt altogether.

Met with coach, Craig Howie for some coffee and some deep analysis on what was going on with me and training. Told him I felt like I was in the depths of hell (not in those exact words but close) and wanted to know if everyone feels like this during Build. The answer was yes, in each ot their own way. Phew. We talked a lot about the swim - what my fears were, what did we think was holding me back. I figured a lot of stuff out and was psyched to head over to Union Rez for my swim. Wished him luck as he leaves Monday for IM Switzerland where he is going to kick some international tail!! GOOD LUCK CRAIG!!

Got to the rez a couple minutes late (in typical Freisem fashion) and was rushing to get into my wetsuit so I could get into the water. Tore apart my transition bag looking for my goggles. No luck. CRAP. They're in my pool bag. Was able to borrow a spare pair of goggles from someone there - thankfully. Despite the fact they didn't fit and the seal was melted? (WTF?!), I strapped them on as tight as I could and was determined to swim.

The Wilson's got there as I started to enter the water. I was so excited that I wouldn't be alone. Set off for my first lap with Chris and was in for a treat. Sweet..choppy water. So choppy that I had to overrotate almost to my side so my head was turned up and I was directly looking up to the sky. Wow, that's exhausting. I had to stop a few times on the first lap. Soooo tired. But the cool thing was that was all I felt. No fear. No panic. Just exhaustion. Finished the first lap. I heard Craig Wislon shout to me: "WHO LOVES SWIMMING?" I answered back as loud as I could: "ME!!" And I went out again. and then again. And with fewer stops to catch my breath in my laps, I was able to complete 5 (2000 yards) and not once had a freakout moment.

I was really happy, actually elated. I felt the groove come back from last summer. I just realized that I need to be outside more to build up that endurance because the waves can be pretty strong and I am ready to fight.

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