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Monday, July 14, 2008

Stabilizer/Race Week

Love these weeks. Everything on 'the plan' becomes optional. In the beginning, I did every workout without listening to what my body was telling me. After 20 weeks, I do exactly what my body tells me. REST.

I did tons of that Sunday - apart from the 3 hour jaunt to visit the puppy farm down in Franktown - oh my gosh, the cutest place EVER!! Put down a deposit on a female from a litter that hasn't been born yet. Any day now... Got home and then laid on the couch and watched bits and pieces or all of the following: Any Given Sunday, Deep Impact, American Beauty, Van Wilder and Just Friends. I love watching movies. It's such a great way to unwind and depart from reality for awhile. It seemed to work. I was even able to sneak in a nap.

Work was quiet and I pretty much ate every hour, on the hour. Feeling extremely hungry today. Just got back from a quiet 15 mile ride. No frills, no efforts. Cruised along but still felt some of the burn from Saturday's brick. Saw Kelly B on the way to the gym - I rode next to her for awhile. We were going about 8.6-9mph...she was running! Fast little thing...

The object of this week is to get plenty of rest and fresh legs for Sunday's triathlon: an Olympic distance race. I've never raced this distance before so I have no expectations, which is really good for me. I can go out and have fun and no matter what, will PR.

Major side note: Mike was out riding today in Boulder and crashed his bike at 20mph on Hwy 36 where he flew/tumbled/rolled around 15 feet, down into a ditch. He just got home and I surveyed the damage - he has several raspberries and scratches along with some sweet bruises. I also found many remnants of what appeared to be wildflower leaves in his curls. What a mess. He's fine, the bike's fine, just a little shaken up and tomorrow's going to hurt. He and Jess are quite the pair this week. Arnica is going to be short in inventory for awhile....

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