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Monday, July 7, 2008

Swim, Ride

I don't love Mondays but I love Monday swims. Easy and short drill of my choice kind of mornings. When I see 1400yds on the plan, it's like seeing 3 mile OD run. Piece of cake. Slept in a little as I have been having a really tough time sleeping lately. I didn't feel well rested which is tough for a Monday and the first day of the training week.

My swim went well and I made it to work on time. Amazing. The day seemed to fly by but with threats of rain all throughout it. I had a 36 OD ride scheduled. I debated heavily on the way home - inside? outside? Bag it?

I decided to start on the trainer, see what the weather was up to and decide later on whether or not to finish outside. This was a true test of mental strength as I despise being inside in the summertime.

Watched 6 episodes of Arrested Development and made it through 32 miles. I felt that was accomplishment enough and needed to eat dinner and get ready for bed. Getting up at 4am tomorrow to run 10 miles before work so I can enjoy a lovely ladies night after work to celebrate Susanne's birthday! Yay!

One day closer to stabilizer... I am psyched for it next week...big week ahead of me first though!

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jess said...

You're just so in it girl - keep going, there's no stopping now. It's so exciting, you're getting close....start soaking it up. Don't miss a beat of your IM experience.