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Saturday, August 2, 2008

20th Straight day of 90+ degrees

We're not Arizona. This isn't supposed to happen but we broke a 134 year old record of days in a row over 90 this week. The past few days have exceeded 100. I live in Hellville. Training has been brutal but I am smart enough to know what to do and not to do in these conditions. I survived the 2007 Chicago Marathon last year and had a great time considering...but I still don't like the heat. Not this kind of heat. The heat that feels like someone has draped a wool sweater over your mouth after it's been removed from the oven kind of heat. I am oversalting all my food, drinking twice as much water as usual and adding extra electrolytes to it.

So, with that said this weekend's training is slightly different than normal. Woke up at 4:45am today (yes, on a Saturday. Boo!) and was out the door at 5:30am for a 58 mile ride. I actually had on arm warmers that I didn't take off until about mile 39. Odd, I know but it is still cool in the mornings (before 9am that is.) I had to ride 29 miles in z3 and finish the ride in z2. Opted the usual route - out to Boulder, hit 63rd for the rollers (which I love but they're definitely going to be bigger in Wisconsin!) and then a little further northeast before turning around.

I was feeling terrific - legs were well rested as I took yesterday off. I ditched 7 OD miles of running and 22 OD miles of riding this week. My main goal was to nail all the main sets and complete all the speedwork, which I did. In order to do that, I needed to rest. I am totally ok with that.
Got home in 3:23, averaging 17.1mph. This was pretty cool. I feel the fitness and strength coming on. The plan is working! Changed into my running shoes for an easy 3 mile run. Not so easy to keep my HR out of z3 though. At one point I was walking and my HR was 163. ridiculous. I tried to slow down to the point where I could stay in z2 - the heat really jacked up my run as my legs felt amazing and I could have run for another 10 miles, no problem. grrrr. The Super Feet are working their magic.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is not going to be a rest day as next week's training schedule is crazy. I am getting up again at 4:45am *UGH* and out the door by 5:30am for a 19 mile run. I want to have a great run and right now the only way to do that is to go early. *sigh* But at least I will be done by 8:45am when most folks are just gettin' up... bums.


SkirtChaser said...

Cry me a river!!!!
We have not been under 100 degrees
since April,. over 110 something like 28 days, and when we wake up at 4:45am to run it is still 90+.
When can Mary and I come visit you for some cool weather training?? HA!
~Dan of the Dan & Mary show
Gilbert, Arizona

Anonymous said...


Gordy has just gone out to ride in 60 degrees and light drizzle !!!!!

Can we have some of your heat !!!

You are a stud !