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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3150 yd swim, 32 mile bike

4:30am came too early today. BUT being anxious to get back in the water, I got up with no problem and was the first in the pool, again. I LOVE being the first in the water. It makes my day - I get to pick my lane, be the first to break the calm and have the sole attention of the lifeguard. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeat. hehe...It's pretty clear they're totally pissed off that people like me are there at 5am. There's one guard that pretty much sleeps when we swim. Um, isn't that like, hazardous?

My swim was pretty uneventful. I felt strong, smooth. Haven't felt that in awhile. Gained some confidence swimming almost 1.8 miles. Not there yet though and despite the plan I get next week (which I already know will consist of a 24 mile run Wednesday and a 125 mile ride Saturday), I fully intend to swim 2.4 miles somewhere, preferably outside. It's a must. I need to know come race day that I have already done the distance for each event. (Thanks Wicked Pissah and Pizza Lover for the brainstorming tonight!) I already got the blessing from Coach Howie. It's the final piece to the puzzle I have been assembling for 22 weeks.

Driving home from work, I was surrounded by black skies and heavy winds. Rather than risk heading out and getting stuck in a lightning storm while Mike was at Union Rez dealing with the same, I opted for the trainer. Grooooooooooooooooooooooooooan. The last thing I wanted to do was ride inside but in order to get time in the saddle, I had to. Threw in A Knight's Tale, definitely one of my top fave movies of all time and rode for 2 hours and 12 minutes. It only ended up being 32 miles (vs. the 39 I was supposed to ride) but since it was inside, I figured I was graced that 7 for simply working out at all.

Need to ride 46 miles tomorrow and am praying the storms hold off til bedtime. We'll see. If not, I am going to have to find a damn good movie to keep me on the trainer for 3+ hours....


Go.2.Belle said...

totally off topic.

Thanks for the pitcher of margs sis. You're the best, and crafty too. Love you lots, miss you more. MJD

knopfler said...

I have a little man-crush on Heath Ledger. Some of the best acting ever in both Brokeback Mountain and Batman. What does that say about me?

A Knight's Tale: total chick flick, hated it.

BJ said...

Sounds like your 'in it'. Just keep pushing through it, try and get all the fitness gathered up you can, because those 2 weeks before Ironman you start to come way down, and you almost wish you had a hard workout. Every ounce of fitness you can stack on your body, do it. In a few weeks, it will all be over.

Confidence in the water...huge! Nice job. Hang onto that. Speed will come soon enough.