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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

48 mile ride

After last night's big swim, I was pretty pumped to ride after work. Of course, my legs weren't as excited but hey, gotta put in the time. If it was a 20 mile ride, I would probably ditch it but close to 50? It's a must. Got a late start after work and didn't get out til 5:45pm. Boy... I was going to be racing the sunset to make it home.

Headed out to Boulder, past the rez, to the rollers on 63rd. Put in a good amount of z3 time before I headed home. I was literally racing the sun setting to the west. There have been quite a few cyclists this year killed by cars and so I was getting a little nervous. I spent the final 30 minutes of my 48 mile ride in the dark, trying to avoid any crazy drivers and potholes in the road. It was nerve wracking but I made it home safely - so close to bedtime. Tomorrow's my big run, 22 miles. Followed by an even bigger event, MASSAGE!!

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