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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Details, details

As Ironman approaches *11 DAYS!!!!!!* I feel like it's the week before Christmas and I am running around, trying to get everything ready before Santa comes. My fitness is set at this point but every workout becomes a mental game - I have to get it in, I have to do everything on the plan when it reality, it's all optional. Main goal is rest, physically and mentally.

Had a great swim Sunday morning - after a nice time with the St. George's Saturday night getting ready for IM *sort of* (THANK YOU!!!) -- swam 2300 meters at Scott Carpenter pool. It's an outdoor 50 meter pool and was a really nice change of pace. Met Kelly B there and we swam and then hung out for some much needed girly time. Ran some errands afterwards, then Kell came over for dinner and we just caught up on life.

Woke up at 5am on Monday and got in a 6.5 mile run before work. Needed to be sure to leave early enough to avoid the DNC traffic in Denver. It wasn't too bad surprisingly. Work was uneventful and I got home and took Luna for a nice, long walk. Had a major breakdown thinking about Josey as it was a year ago this week that she was diagnosed with cancer. I miss her so terribly.

Today I opted to sleep in, take the day off from training and relish in my massage tonight with Jess. I feel so much better and mentally am gearing up for 9//7. My awesome friends are throwing an Ironman party for me Saturday night - "Kristinapalooza ~ All Kristina, All of the" time. I can't wait - it's going to be so much fun and I am sure past triathlon stories will be flowing as will the drinks. I have the best friends!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY... I will be heading over to Dean to pick up my new TT bike. I did mention this time right now feels like the days leading up to Christmas, right? Tomorrow, I will be up early and anxious for Santa to deliver my new bike... can't wait to show you pictures of her... she will be the most bad-ass bike on the Wisconsin course!!!


Jackie said...

We are getting as excited as you !

Can we join the party on Saturday night? We will make sure we will have champagne and toast to your success......

Take carexx

beej30 said...

where's the photos of the bike...c'mon...

Almost there, so close I bet you can taste the pain. Looking forward to sending you off on saturday night...after that, everything you have put into this race, the time, the effort, the sacrifices, the discoveries, the highs, the lows...it's all funneled into one day... you'll be ready.