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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Making adjustments

As I mentally prepare for today's race, I can honestly say that last night was the first night in month's, that I actually slept through the entire night. Not usual for me, especially the night before a race.

I spent the better part of the end of the week preparing for today mentally. Yesterday, I met with a fellow HEPster and we worked on NLP (neuro linguistic programming.) I have created a short film of how my swim is going to go this morning. If any negative or bad experience happens while in the water, I will flash instantly to the movie I made and recover from anything and move forward. We'll see what happens but I am not worried or stressed about anything. The plan goes like this:
1.2 mile swim -- have fun
56 mile bike -- ride like the wind
13.1 mile run -- smile like crazy
"The water is your friend. You don't have to fight with the water - just share the same spirit as the water and it will help you move." - Alexander Popov
Oh...and... Happy anniversary to me. One year ago today, at this very race, I did my first triathlon. It's going to be a GREAT day!!

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