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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A nice long ride....outside!

Today was a completely different day in contrast to last Saturday. I would say that today was the most perfect day all summer for a long ride.

Slept in, which was so needed and was geared up and ready to roll around 8:15am. I didn't really have a plan other than to ride 70 miles. Headed out to Boulder in my usual fashion and was at Coot Lake in no time. Made my way up towards Carter Lake but wouldn't you know it, 35 miles came shy of that destination so I had to begrudgingly turn around.

Managed to get quite a bit of time in z3 before chilling out and just cruising home. Zigzagged my way back through various towns and before you know it, I was home. Another uneventful ride - my shorts were bugging me a little bit and my legs were definitely tired. Threw on my shoes and headed out for a 2 mile run.

These past 48 hours have been ridiculous - ran a total of 17 miles and rode 102...having gone over today my 2 miles. I typically only run 3 days a week and this week managed to run 3 in a row. I do not like that at all - and neither do my hips.

Going to swim tomorrow because I missed a swim last week but will head to Scott Carpenter pool in Boulder to do so - it's an outdoor 50 meter pool so I will work on my ridiculous tan lines as well. Next week begins... TAPER!!

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