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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ready. to. run.

After meeting the World's Best Marathoner last night, getting new running shoes and visiting with the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, I was pretty psyched and very inspired to run tonight. Opted to try the Nike Air Pegasus 2007 which has a very square and large toe box. With that much room, I am hoping there will be no (or fewer) blisters. Also, I put an arch pad in my right foot (it was too painful in my left) and I was off. Tried new socks too along with gobs of body glide.

12 miles was on the plan with 5 in z3. It was the hottest day of the week - around 93 and I was so happy to be out there. Started out slow, paying attention to my feet, looking for aches, pains anything to indicate that this new set up might not work. Felt good at mile 1 and slipped into z3, which was no problem with the higher temps.

Saw Mike around mile 4.5 as he was heading out for a short ride. I was feeling really good still and would continue to for the entire 12 miles. My hips were more sore than anything. Did lots of stretching when I got home and slathered on the Biofreeze. I am so freakin' excited, knocking on all sorts of wood but I think I might have found the right combination for Ironman. Fingers crossed!

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