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Friday, August 1, 2008

Success n' Stride

Last night was the 2nd to last Stroke n' Stride of the season. Now that I am finally getting the hang of it and really starting to enjoy myself, it's about to end... ahhh, I was warned about this 5 weeks ago after IMCdA. Time will fly and so I should enjoy it all while I can, soak it up, revel in it.

Met up with Jess, Mike and Craig Wilson at the Rez for what was going to end up being a terrific night. Jess had agreed to swim with me *again* and I would run with her. This was her first 'official' run since her mountain bike crash a few weeks ago and she was excited to get back to it since she begins marathon training Sunday. I was feeling a lot less nervous about the swim. I think having her there helps me tremendously - gives me a feeling of security. Unfortunately, my lil' security blanket won't be with me on September 7, but several positive thoughts and experiences will be so I will rely on my memory and visualization techniques to get me through.

Aren't we so freakin' cute?

I guess I started off too fast and was winded and had to stop within the first 300 yards. TYPICAL. I laugh about it now - Jess said it's a bad habit that we need to break. I will work on that next week. Anyways - made it through the first lap and the second one was going to be non-stop. The water was super choppy and I kept my head in the game, focused on my mantra - breathe, stroke (1),breathe, stroke (2), breathe, stroke (3) and sight. I felt a lot more relaxed the second time around and I believe we were able to pass people in the meantime. I was shocked when we got to the run course at how I actually passed people in the swim. Wow. Progress for this little swimming turtle. Jess suggested I work on getting more "bang for my buck" in my stroke with a more 90 degree catch. I plan on it...

It was clear Jess was really excited to be running because we went out with this incredibly strong pace. I had a hard time keeping up with her thinking, Holy cow she has gotten so much faster since Ironman - Look what I have to look forward to! At the turn-around it definitely slowed down a wee bit and I was able to regulate my HR and relax into a groove, get my running legs. We definitely did not negative split but next week we will. It will be her job to pace the swim, mine to pace the run - we will definitely rock the house if we do that!

We were headed to the finish and the boys were there cheering us on - Mike shouted out at me to get my ass moving - or something like that so we picked it up and sprinted across the finish line. I am really pleased with our time overall and we have decided that our time goal is "to have a fun time" goal. We smile, giggle, chatter it up out there - we really enjoy ourselves and that's what I want Ironman to be for me...just a really long day of having a ton of fun while smiling til my face hurts!

1500m swim time(with a beach run from end of lap 1 to start of lap 2): 38:09
5k: 27:15
Ok - so many we had too much fun *hehe* Next week we'll be more serious. NOT! Thanks again for everything Jess!

Hopefully, next week we'll have a bigger crew including The St. Georges (possibly???) and Chris GW (you can do the swim and find a relay running partner girl!) and the Beej! Yaicha too??


Jackie said...

Congratulations ! You sound like you are having so much FUN.....not long now until IM MOO...

You are making me very excited about our IM in Novmber and another SKIRT gathering....

We are so LUCKY !!!!!

jess said...

Yes absolutely, mandatory next week Stroke n' Stride for all. Pace me baby, pace me! I almost had heart failure out there.