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Thursday, August 14, 2008

You are now entering the NO FUN zone

Legs were still a little tired from the Long Course Sunday but I did everything I could to get them rested and stretched out for this morning's run. Was a little nervous about the blister's that developed but felt that I would be ok. Wrong.

Got to the rez about 6:50am and got my stuff ready. The plan was to warm up for 2 miles, run three 10K loops, each one faster than the previous and cool down with 2 miles. It started off ok. Warmed up and headed out for the first 10k in z2. No problem and got around the rez in a little over an hour... I have been so lax in keeping track of time, focusing more on HR lately. Legs felt good, tired but good. Feet? Feeling OK.

Headed out for loop 2 in z3. Picked up the pace, got my HR to the top of z2/low z3 and held it there. Finished that loop faster than the first. Ok, progress...this is going the way it's supposed to. Third loop was to be mid z3 for the first half, low z4 for the second. My legs were in FULL cooperation. Unfortunately, my feet were not.

Sharp pains came from under my toes, on the sides near my big toes and I became angry. I could feel all the new blisters forming. I was at approximately mile 18 when I lost it. Broke down. Stoppped. Crying my eyes out. It hurt so bad. I have run 36 marathons. NEVER in this kind of pain. If I had a knife, I probably would have literally cut my feet off. Graphic and horrible, I know but the truth. I felt every pebble, rock, uneven surface with each foot strike. I just wanted so badly for my feet to just go completely numb. No luck. Got done and was able to cool down for about 10 minutes before quickly tearing off my shoes and putting my feet into the very cool water at Coot Lake.

Damage control starts NOW. Got to work around 12:30 and immediately started researching the possible causes. Never have I had so many problems at once. I think it's more than just the sock or shoe, it's biomechanical. Something is seriously wrong. I have an appointment with the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine next week. I am going to get this taken care of and quickly. For now, running is absolutely my least favorite thing to do and I know I can get by with doing as little as possible of it. I know how to run 26.2 miles on very little mileage. That is how I have trained for the past 2 years. More importantly, I need to get my head in the game and focus on the positive. Looks like I am loving swimming more and more... funny how that happens...

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