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Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby got brick...

I...like... BIG BUTTS and I cannot lie... ok that's a lie... haha but seriously...if I would have kept at it, maybe I would actually GET a butt by exercising less and eating more. However, the whole mental swing that comes with that kind of lifestyle for me is unbearable (ask my husband)so today I decided to change it up a bit. I did my first post-IM brick. Nothing far, but short and fast enough to feel like I made a huge jump from the mundane ship that I was sailing on.

Rode 15 miles as hard and as fast as I could, came home, threw on my nikes and ran 3 miles as hard and as fast as I could. When I got home, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. I tricked myself. I could have done one or the other or neither but I wanted to ride and run away the woes of a huge loss in the market today... work is NOT a fun place to be right now. [Sidenote: the bailout bill that didn't get passed today would have cost $700 billion that in theory, we probably would have actually made money on it in time and the 'taxpayer' wouldn't suffer a dime. Instead, the stock market lost over $1.2 TRILLION dollars - that's $500 billion more than the bill itself. You can draw your own conclusion but... they should have passed the damned bill! It affects everyone, not just wall street!!!! ugh, the ignorance of people... for instance getting a home loan is going to be so difficult without this bill right now but I digress...hopefully the House will come to their senses...]

While I was out doing my workout, Mike went for a mountain bike ride and came home with teeny-tiny cactus thorns in his booty so that was fun to pull out with tweezers. ICK! We are going to sit down and have ground [vegeterian] beef, onion and black olive quesadillas and homemade garden tomato salsa (courtesy of Chef Mike) and a pumpkin beer...mmmmmmmmmmmm!

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KellyB said...

You are hilarious. I think you could have a large following of readers if more people know about your blog. The days of Kristina...they would always stay tuned to see what is next!