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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Counting down...

Sunday was a nice day - headed over to Boulder Rez for my last open water swim in Colorado... it was a gorgeous day and I swam for almost an hour. Felt really good, nice and relaxed and had Mike with me - it was really comforting. My main focus was staying relaxed and calm, practiced my swim start while treading, then with my head down for the first few strokes, blasting forward and a wider arm swing to protect my head. Worked on panic and how to deal with choking on water or dealing with snots (sorry, gross I know but it happens) without stopping and continuous swimming. I am anxious to see what Lake Monona is like in comparison to where I swim. More importantly, I am excited to see what it's like to swim at sea level!

Monday morning, I ran 4 miles - nice and easy and felt fantastic. Not an ache or pain anywhere, feet felt phenomenal. In the afternoon, I took my old Dean for a spin - about 45 minutes - no HR monitor, no watch, no odometer - just me and my wheels and some wind venting through my helmet. It was a gorgeous late summer afternoon... I can't wait to see the rolling pastures and green GREEN grass of Wisconsin. It will remind of my childhood and my family camping trips with my grandparents.

Today was a rest day and a fantastic massage with Jess. She flushed out my muscles and we stretched everything. I feel physically ready to tackle my day. Thanks Jess - as usual, you're a GENIUS!

Getting ready for bed and getting up for an easy 1500 yard pool swim...last one at the 'Derds'...To think it all started there 6 months ago. Our flight tomorrow is at 7pm and we'll be headed into Milwaukee for the night, then driving to Madison in the morning. This is it.... this is really the end and it has been one helluva an adventure getting here. Just a mere 4 days away... all I can say is HOLY S&%$!


Go.2.Belle said...

holy poop is right sis. let's chat...what do ya need? Im so prouc. xoxo M

Go.2.Belle said...


Jessica said...

Yeah girl - we'll be with you on Sunday. Can't wait!

Safe travels my friend, stay calm and methodical.

Paul Taylor said...

Kristina, have the race of your life this weekend. Be strong and confident on the swim, leave no room for doubt. Stop and pull the collar open on your wetsuit to let a little water if it gets uncomfortable and slide to the side if you need breathing room.

Look fwd to the race report.