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Saturday, September 20, 2008


I told a co-worker how crappy I was feeling and shared with her some of my 'issues.' She ran over to her desk, collected her audio-book and gave it to me. She told me, you HAVE to listen to this. It will change your life, you just have to believe... and what did I have in my hands? The Secret. I had heard about the phenomenon that this book/movie brought about it but I never explored it for myself. Well, that was about to change.

I know there are many doubters and non-believers, heck...I was one of them... but you know what? I believe there's something to this secret. I believe I have the power to change my attitude, what happens to me, what happens FOR me and I have set my intentions. The more negativity I pour into the universe, the more I'll get back. It's a pretty simple concept that can seemingly be pretty complicated to adhere to but I am determined to turn things around.

Ran 5 miles on Thursday night and went to yoga last night. I am adjusting to these newly 'shortened' workouts and will eventually enjoy them. It's not even 2 weeks post-Ironman and I already have ants in my pants...haha. Headed out on this cool almost-fall morning for a nice 15 mile run, in preparation for the Denver Marathon on October 19th (I think.) It's going to be slow and I am going to spend most of that time just thinking positive thoughts to further de-funk my life. It will be 2 1/2 hours of silence and that is something my mind really needs right now.

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