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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A lil' runnin' & ridin' and a whole lotta EATIN!

I am slowly getting back into a groove... with life and training. There's not much of a set schedule ...all I have to do is enjoy myself and go with the flow...something I am trying to cherish as much as possible before Ironman training resumes next March.

Yesterday, I had a 15 mile run scheduled and I did almost all of it - 14 1/2. It was tough, I'm not going to lie but I pushed through the dull aches and managed to turn off my mind for awhile. It felt good to be out in the sunshine. I have no idea what my time or HR was as I'm still without a watch but sometimes it's better that way. I am sure it was all in high z1, low z2 as I can't really push it at all right now. But the distance is the same no matter how fast you go so it's all good.

Finished off the day with a huge pasta and garlic bread dinner (and 2 1/2 bottles of red wine- the benefits of 'off-season') with our friend Kelly B. It was fun to catch up and not worry about what was going in my mouth... the worry was more based on what was coming out of it. haha. lots of blah-blahing going on... Our plan was to ride our bikes out to Boulder Rez at 8am to catch Mike and Jess finishing the Boulder 1/2 Marathon the next morning.
Woke up at 6:30 today with a teeny headache but nothing unmanageable and all worth it. Converted my road bike back to well, a road bike removing all remnants of an aero position and headed off to Kelly's. It was a gorgeous morning and we made our way out 20 miles or so in time to see the kids finish their race.

The weather was perfect - perhaps even a little warm for the runners but right at 2 hours, we saw Mike come in, followed by Jess just a mere 7 minutes later. They both finished within their goal times and they looked really strong at the finish. Mike is training for the Denver Marathon on 10/19 and Jess has an east coast marathon the weekend after. They're both going to do great!

We hung out a little after the race and I opted to ride my bike home, getting in just over 40 miles today. I felt great and really love riding my bike. She has such a smoothe ride and I've really missed the road position. I am definitely going to ride it a lot this winter.

Mike and I spent the rest of the day chowing on the couch, watched about 3 hours of America's Next Top Model. I can't believe I am admitting this but we got addicted. That show is crazy. I never watch MTV so it was definitely an unusal Sunday. We ate our all time FAVORITE pizza on the planet for dinner, Chicago's LOU MALNATI's (it was overnighted!) Gotta love that 'za and all it's cheesy goodness. Dessert was double chocolate fudge ice cream and I am officially stuffed and ready for bed. Had a great weekend and enjoyed all the planned and unplanned activities that surrounded it... need to get ready for another week on Wall Street... ugh.


Jackie said...

I LOVE ANTM...my favourite show....I have a huge crush on Tyra !!!!!

We got the new series last night....have it taped !!!

Glad you are enjoying the 'off' season.......

KellyB said...

You are a rockstar girlfriend. i enjoyed riding with you and have so much to learn on the bike.