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Friday, September 5, 2008

Rain, rain go away

We arrived in Madison yesterday morning, being escorted in by grey skies, high winds, cool temps and lots and lots of rain. I felt like I was at the Boston Marathon 2006 all over again. Only this time, I'm not freaking out and panicking. In the past 2 years I have learned to not waste energy on mother nature. She's going to do what she wants and I have come to deal with it.

Registered for the race and picked up my bike. At about 5pm, Mike and I went for a swim too in Lake Monona. I am not sure what I was expecting when I got in. It was 58, raining and the water was nice and choppy. I started swimming and something insane happened. I. kicked. Something, I never do back home in open water because it causes me to lose my breath and jacks up my HR. Wow - sea level makes all the difference. I had a great swim - incredible really. I was so excited that I could be so relaxed and feel such lung strength - something I have never felt before as this was my first swim at sea level. I got out and was cheering and talking so fast and just so flippin psyched. Of course, this doesn't change anything for Sunday other than the fact that I won't have to exert as much as energy as planned on breathing and kicking, it will be spent on elbowing and shoving. I can defend my space in the water much better!

This morning is overcast and misty again - we're hopefully getting this weather out of the way for Sunday. If not, I feel really prepared to deal with all scenarios that the weather might throw at us. Got myself a clear waterproof jacket that has side vents and will probably live in that thing come Sunday should there be rain. I am so ready to rock Mad City and have the best day of my life.

Tonight, the family starts rolling in... a family reunion - Mom, Dad, Amy (sister) and Alexis (niece), Michelle (sister), Scott (brother-in-law) and Katie (niece), Bobby (brother) and Lorraine (sister-in-law)... We will miss you NATE!! We haven't all been together since... ???? Too long anyways... my stomach is going to hurt from all of the laughing and my heart is going to ache from all the love. Thank you family for supporting me for the past 10 years of endurance sport and I can't wait to show you Sunday how it is possible to overcome your fears and go after what you want! No dream too big, no goal too far out of reach for this small town girl from River Grove, IL....

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Go.2.Belle said...

I am getting so excited! Ironman, Wisconsin Cheese, laughs and fun.
C U soonly! xoxo Michelle