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Sunday, August 31, 2008

This one is for "the Aunts..."

Every one has Aunts... and on my dad's side, I have three and they're wonderful. When we have family parties, you can often find them in the kitchen, whizzing and whirling around much like the fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty. I assure you - they look nothing like them but they definitely possess all of their magical powers.

Last March, I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with 2 of these magical women in Los Angeles, when I ran the marathon. They were so supportive and took wonderful care of me and interestingly enough, introduced me to a word that I hadn't really heard too much, BLINGAGE.

Now, if you met these women, you wouldn't think they would be all bling, bling but boy oh boy, are they ever. It's so fun to talk to them about jewelry. I never really ask for jewelry for anything - clearly our money goes into triathlon this and marathon that... so when Mike gave me my "Ironman" finisher gift [early, as you know we can never hold out on presents until the actual day,] I almost died... and of course cried.
I got some serious BLINGAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, it's not the best picture but you get the idea... the top band is my IM Finisher band... hmmm, guess this means I have to get out of the water then... otherwise I'll have to give it back.
Thank you Mike - you truly are my ROCK! I love you so much and could not have done any of this without you!!! Bling, bling baby...