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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally, a good saturday workout!

So, woke up bright and early (6am - pathetic for a Saturday) and got to the pool at 7am. I was SO excited to swim. I haven't since Ironman and so I was anxious (and somewhat scared) to see what exactly was going to happen. Would my arms work? Would I be able to stay afloat? All good questions. I got in the water and naturally [I mean, COME ON?! I just did an Ironman for chrissake] I wore my Ironman Wisconsin swim cap. Yes, it even had my race number on it but more importantly it had these important words on it ...IRONMAN!! So, one can call me a dork, even a tool but I don't give a shit! I am proud and I am an Ironman, even if I have a crappy stroke and swim 2:30 100's. I do know others to wear their IM race caps... (Wilson?!?!)

A lady got into the lane next to me and what did she say? Exactly what this ego-maniac wanted to hear.
Lady: *gasp* did you do an Ironman?
Me: Yes, 4 weeks ago tomorrow.
Lady: WOW! I have never met an acutal Ironman before!!
Me: Well, you have now! (Ok, I didn't say that)
Me (actually what I said): It was the most amazing thing ever and I can't wait to do it again next year. (also thinking then- crap, I hope I can swim and don't look like a total schmuck!)

Ended up swimming 2000 yards. I felt awesome but it was so BORING!! I really do miss the open water. This winter is going to be challenging but the plan is to swim twice a week. Must. get. faster. don't. want. to be. 2099th person. out. of. water. next. year! Der.

Got home, took Lunz for a walk and ran over to safeway to rent a carpet cleaner. The carpet was looking pretty funknasty and I was also waiting for the weather to warm up so I could go for a ride.

Headed out on the road bike around 1pm. Weather looked a little shifty and I wasn't sure how long I could go before the rains headed our way. It was a little windy but hey, what else are we to expect in Colorado. breezeless and easy? NEVER. Got in about 30 miles and felt really good. I love my road bike. Alot. I mean, like, ALOT. I will definitely ride it as much as I can this winter.

Rating for today on a scale of 1-10. 8
Would be a 10 if I could have found my darned running legs. Tomorrow's run should be fun. Maybe I should look into rentals at safeway... I mean, they do rent carpet cleaners!

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knopfler said...

No swim cap for me these days :) Loving the chlorinated-and-raggedy-old-man-with-gray-hair look.