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Sunday, October 12, 2008

A great run

Yesterday, Mike and I ran 9 miles in the cool, misty morning air of fall in Colorado. The conditions were almost identical to last year's Denver Marathon. We bundled up and with Ipods in tow, headed out the door. Mike had on his Garmin so at any point, I could ask him, how far are we? Or how fast [or slow] are we going?

We started off steady with a nice 10:20 pace. I felt great, rested, ready to rip it up. But then I began to feel a little overheated and started to bonk by mile 2. I had to eat all of the nutrition I brought with and take off my gloves to try and cool down and stop the sweating. It seemed to work by about mile 3 or so but we had slowed down to what I believe was a sweet 11:15 pace.

I never worry about my pace or time when I run, even with a watch as the only thing I ever used it for was my HR anyways. Well, Mike tends to look at his about every 5 minutes so it made me chuckle. We got around our 6 mile loop and really started to hammer that last 3 miles. As I mentioned before, it's now starting to take me 5 or so miles to really loosen up and to be able to increase my speed. This is a good thing. Not sure how it happened but we ended in an all out sprint the last 1/2 mile or so. My chest was burning as were my legs. All I could think was, crap, I don't DO this during training runs. I save it. haha... so, we got home and the moment I stopped I started coughing and choking. Another reason I ditch the speedwork. Apparently, we were running at one point under a 7 minute per mile pace. Yeah, whatever but since Mike checks his watch so frequently, we really were. Wow.

We ended up running the full 9 miles in 1:28. I'll take it since when I run that on my own, I come in around 1:35-1:40. Thanks babe. You really know how to push me and don't you worry...come mile 22 next week, get ready. I will be militant and worse than Jillian in the Biggest Loser... keeping you on track and pushing you so hard you just. might. cry.


Craig said...
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Craig said...

I bet a burrito on Mike in Denver :)

actually, screw that, the Sox are looking like they will cost me too many Burritos.

KellyB said...

Do you need a referee between you two at mile 20 on...? hehe
Start saving some jokes for the last half as I am sure it will be a hard race!