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Thursday, October 23, 2008

My birthday triathlon!

It's my birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday... to me. Survived another year. How was that possible? and what a year it was. I have had some amazing ups and the most awful downs. All in all, 35 was a pretty great year but I am ready to see what 36 brings me.

Decided to celebrate my birthday, triathlon-style. Woke up at 4:30am to get to the pool. It was crowded but with really fun people who were in awe of the fact that they were swimming amongst an Ironman. It's been 7 weeks but yes, I am still milking it. hehe. Had a great workout - swam 2000 yards and felt awesome afterwards. Rushed home to get to work, made it on time. *phew*

The day flew by and when I got home, I took Lunz for a nice walk. It was her final walk as an only child. Tomorrow is the big day. We bring home her little sister, Willow. I wonder how she'll feel but for today, I wanted to spoil the heck out her.

After the walk, I ran 3 miles. My first post-marathon run and the legs felt great. I wanted to run further but I still had a bike ride in store and it was already 6pm.

Threw my bike on the trainer and watched more Grey's Anatomy. Love that show! Mike joined me and we rode for an hour. Depsite the gaps in my workouts and out of order, I had a great triathlon birthday.

Spent the next 30 minutes getting the house ready for the puppy and then finally sat down to eat breakfast for dinner (yum!!) and enjoy more Grey's Anatomy - new episdode this time!

Mike gave me a beautiful fall bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine - the same wine we got engaged over although I recall drinking 3 bottles of it that night. So thoughtful. I really didn't want him to buy me anything as I already had an amazing year of gifts (new bike, diamond ring) and tomororw a new puppy. I am one lucky woman!! This was the perfect birthday for this tiara ditcher!!


knopfler said...

happy birthday!

now you can run for President...

but don't because then I will have to make fun of you on my blog.

Michaelson Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love your little puppy. Post more pictures of little Willow!!!