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Friday, October 3, 2008

The search continues

I spent all day looking for my running legs. Nothing. However, I did find a rusty spoon, empty box of hostess cherry pies (um, Mike??) and a 1974 candian quarter. It's worth more I'm sure with our lovely economy so at least that was a score!

Soooo.... without my running legs - tomorrow I will swim and ride and hopefully have some better luck looking before Sunday's big run. Ok, not big. A mere 15 miles which I am sure will shorten once I am actually out running. I have a tendency to blow off 1-3 miles at any given time when I am 'not into' a run. All I think is, crap - I've done this distance so many times before (26.2 miles) so what will one or two measley miles missed do?! I train at this insanely, INSANELY slow pace anyways. When it comes to race day, I basically go and run as hard as I freakin' can and whatever happens happens. Not the best race plan but hell, I have "done this distance so many times before!" hehe.

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