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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Splashing around

Slept in today - that was nice. Unusual. and by sleeping in, I mean til like 7am. So, still pathetic on so many levels. Ran my typical morning errands and headed over to East Boulder rec to meet up with the Gumkowski's for a swim.

BJ was swimming his biggest set before IMAZ. He looked smooth and strong. He is going to really shed some time in November as he is training his ass off. Jess was just getting in for some pool jogging as she is dealing with a stress fracture. She continues to remain positive and upbeat, 2 things I find hard to do when I am dealing with adversity.

It was a light workout - swimming with the pull buoy. I love that thing. I didn't keep track of how far I went or how fast I was going. It was a fun swim. Jess was pool running between BJ and I and there were some pretty close calls, remember the game Frogger? It definitely made swimming fun as I played "ditch the gumkowski." When BJ was ready to do some drills after his main set, we joined in and that was tough for me. They swim much faster than I do so it was Masters swimming for me Gumkowski style. I was pushing myself to keep up -something I want to do more of.

After we finished, Jess and I headed into the steamroom for a few minutes. It was so hot and very claustrophobic. We didn't last long before we hopped into the hot tub where we spent a lot longer than the recommended 10 minutes. To finish off our tough workout, we went down the kid's slide, twice. It was so much fun and a definite must for anyone trying to beat the winter blues.

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beej30 said...

Getting into those situations more often will pay off BIGTIME for your swimming. I hated, hated to go to masters, now I'm digging it. Swim in crowds, swim with better swimmers, swim when you just don't feel like it. Getting in the water is the only way. I guarantee, if you keep going with it, one day you're going to realize how it's not a big deal any longer, and you'll have forgotten all about the past. Your stroke looks fine, it's probably what's in your head that matters now...same with me, sort of have to flip a switch. There's no telling really when that will happen, i just know that the more and more you swim, the more and more you get used to it. We should all swim more together, the HEPsters Masters!