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Saturday, November 22, 2008


I love Saturdays. Such a refreshing day - you're first day off from work (in the conventional 9-5 world) and you just feel like you either want to do NOTHING or EVERYTHING. In my house, Saturday's are packed with do EVERYTHING feelings.

Got up early with the girls and enjoyed some coffee and quiet morning time. Decided to ride the trainer today - watched Juno for the umpteenth time and then took Luna for a walk. It got into the 60's again. I feel so blessed to live in such a gorgeous state.

Took Willow to the vet today and she was able to concentrate her urine like a normal dog!! So, perhaps there is nothing wrong with her afterall. We'll monitor her and although she is a little behind in potty training, we're going to try bells at the back door with hopes she'll eventually catch on to let us know she needs to go on. Every day she gets a little better but we're far from the bliss of no pee in the house.

My girlfriend Kim came over tonight for homemade pizza and talk about chinese medicine, acupuncture and politics. She's moving away to Arizona in a few weeks and we're really going to miss her. She's my oldest and dearest friend from Chicago - we met when I was training for my first marathon so she's been with me through it all!!

Willow is finally settling down *yay* and we're getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is a nice, easy run - 13 miles. It's supposed to be another gorgeous and warm day. Also, my friends BJ and Gordy along with some other kids we know are racing IRONMAN ARIZONA tomorrow. We are hoping that they all have a great day, get their well deserved KONA slots and have an incredible race. I am slightly jealous as I would love to be racing myself. I am already getting the itch to start my own IM training...soon enough, March will be here before I know it!

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