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Monday, November 24, 2008

Something bizarre is starting to happen & IMAZ...

So, I head out yesterday for my 13 miler. It was a gorgeous morning and I was meeting up with a girl I met at the gym. She's new to distance running - she's solid at 8-9 miles and faster than I am. I have been bugging her for months to go the distance, stop signing up for the marathon relays and just do the whole thing herself.

Like I said, she's faster than me but we ran the first 6 miles at my pace, which I thought is always slow. Ran the 2nd 6 miles at her pace. Which was a touch faster as I could tell as I watched my HR go up but nothing unbearable. I finished up the final 1.25 miles on my own, really skyrocketing my HR, as I thought about my friends at IRONMAN ARIZONA - they were on the bike and I wanted to get home as quick as I could to track them online. (This is what nerdy endurance athletes do - they sit in front of computers, hitting refresh one gillion times as their friends bleed, sweat and tear it up in various parts of the world, fighting for Kona slots or the glory of the finish itself.)

Got to my front door and my watch said 2:03. Without knowing how far yet I had gone, I mapped out my run and saw that it was 13.25 miles. So, doing the math, I realized I was running about 9:21 minutes per mile. Something I never do during training as I tend to average 10 to 11 minute miles. The thing was, I felt awesome. I was definitely pushing it but wasn't killing myself to do it. It was a huge victory to me and I can tell now that the dreaded speedwork I hate so much is actually working. And, 'R' said that I was her 'first'... haha, that made laugh. She meant I was the first person to ever get her to run 12 miles. I told her that I was honored but that I was already spoken for!

I want to give a huge shout out and CONGRATULATIONS to the following IRONMAN competitors - your efforts today were something you should be so proud of and we are all in awe of you - BJ ,Gordy,Dan, Sherry C, Cathy T, April, and HEPsters Will and Margie!!!! Tracking you all today definitely got me antsy for next year! YOU ROCKED!

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