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Friday, November 21, 2008


Thank god it's the weekend. What a long, loong, looong week.

Tuesday night I took Willow to Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital for a 2nd opinion on her condition. She is actually urinating a little less and it seems drinking less water but we didn't want to start her on a medication for diabetes insipidus without ruling out EVERYTHING else first. So, they sent a urine sample us to CSU and we're anxiously awaiting the results. Hopefully today we'll find out she has a really serious UTI or something else other than diabetes.

I didn't work out Monday or Tuesday. I do not like back to back rest days unless it's because I raced the days before ... so, Wednesday, I ran with a vengeance. Only 3 miles but ran them as fast and as hard as I could. I think I am actually starting to enjoy speedwork. You can really work through a lot of emotional turmoil when your heart rate is beating hard and your legs are burning.

Last night, I ran a little over 9 miles - was supposed to go 10 but it was 30 degrees and nighttime so I skipped that extra 3/4 mile. It felt good and quick. I ran it faster than normal. I really think I am running well post-Ironman. It's pretty amazing.

Tonight I think I am going to hit the new gym we joined and check it out. Swim a little, maybe some weights. Not sure but I need to change up the routine a little. It's been a long week - work has been hell as the market continues to spiral downwards and send my Financial Advisors to complete and utter dumbfoundedness. It's a very scary time and we can't wait for our new President to take office in January. Our economy is so desperate for change...


knopfler said...

got this here email:

Jessica said...

Much better photo, much better, this is a much closer likeness to you. That chick in the snow with no face, S-C-A-R-Y!

KellyB said...

I hope all is well with Willow and your personal routine...how is the new gym?