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Sunday, December 14, 2008

28 miles in less than 16 hours

Ran a hard 8 miles Friday night. It was a long work week and I was spent but I knew I had to run. Mike said I could not run right up until the marathon and I would be fine and I know skipping an 8 miler is no big deal but I needed to relieve some stress so I headed out the door just before 6. Got home to a nice hot meal and was ready to get to bed.

Got up nice and early Saturday (thankyouverymuchWillow) and got my stuff ready for my 20 miler. Typically I like to do my long runs on Sundays but with an impending snow storm headed our way, I opted to run back to back days. Not good advice for me. I was so tired and sore.

20 miles felt like 40. It may as well have been. My feet hurt and I could not get them to turn over quickly. Spent much of my time at a very low HR as a result. It was warm out too - got into the upper 50s yesterday, so I ran out of fluids with about 3 miles to go. I was desperate to be done!

Finished the death march in 3 hours, 26 minutes. Not bad but it's so crazy to think that my fastest marathon time is just 10 minutes longer - so I ran an additional 10k and finished in 3:36. I don't ever think I will see a time that fast again but I don't need to... I love being in the 35-39 yr old age group where a lazy 3:45:59 gets you to Boston. *kidding, that's NOT lazy* So, that's the goal time I am shooting for in Arizona. We'll just have to see if the stars align that day...

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knopfler said...

they have pacers at RNR AZ. it works :)