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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve - Day

I took Tuesday off from working out. My legs, especially calves, were still sore from my 15 mile run on the dreadmill Sunday. I had to work til 11:15am today and although there was a festive Naughty or Nice party at work this morning, I decided not to spike my egg nogg so I could get in a good solid workout today.

Headed to the gym for a 5 mile tempo run. I am not exactly sure what that means, tempo that is. You're supposed to go fast but is it 10k pace? 10k + 30 seconds? No clue. I just know tempo to me means running 5 miles in under 45 minutes. So, that is exactly what I did. Started out with a 1/2 mile warm up at 6.0mph aka cruise-along-comfort-zone. I love that pace - 10 minute miles. Nice and easy and relaxed. Continued to bump it up for the rest of the run, finally to 8.0mph for the final 2/10ths of a mile. Finished in 3:44:50something. I pushed myself and worked up a great sweat. I started to think about going back to Boston during this run. Can I really pull a 3:45 off in Phoenix? Can I run 8:35's consistentyly for 26.2 miles of a fairly flat course? If anyone can shine up their crystal ball and answer that question, I would really appreciate it.

After my run, I swam. Maybe 750 meters? Easy. Just wanted to loosen up, practice the drills I was told to work on and simply cool off from my run. I was finishing up my swim when a woman walked up to me and pointed to her calf, the Mdot tattoo centered neatly on it. I was wearing my IM Wisconsin swim cap because let's face it, until it falls apart, it's the only swim cap I am ever going to wear. It comforts me every time I get in the water. It reminds me that I am an Ironman and I can do this. I. can. swim. She introduced herself and wanted to say hi. I have noticed that being an Ironman is like being a part of a special secret club. She has done Wisconsin and Florida and told me she is doing Louisville this year, after she pinched a nice roll of her belly. She said she needs to lose some weight first. All I wanted to say was, wow, if I had a little extra weight, that would help me in the water AND keep me warm. It's funny how we all view ourselves and others.

I also met a woman in the locker room that started talking to me once I pulled out my inhaler. She told me her little boy has to use one and that he has asthma. She said she and her husband really have to push him to do things and not use his asthma as an excuse not to play or do physical things that he may not be good at. I told her that she was doing the right thing because her kid CAN do anything. Asthma is not debilitating when properly treated. I told her what I have been able to do with asthma. Her eyes widened and I know that gave her hope for her son. I can only imagine the conversation she is going to have with him the next time he says he can't do something because he has asthma. No excuses kid... you can become an Ironman too...

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