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Monday, December 22, 2008

Masters Swim Class

So, Mike has been bugging me for weeks now to go to the free masters class offered at our new gym. Tonight, I finally mustered up the courage to go. I am really not sure what I have been so afraid of. I think it's moreso a pride thing - I am a decent runner and rider but swimmer? I guess I literally get blown out of the water. I am slow and careful and according to the Master's coach, 'delicate and dainty.' Haha, that made me laugh. He said I am too cautious and take way too much time in arm recovery. This is true. I have gotten to a point where I am so relaxed in the water for mental reasons, that I simply can't push myself. I cruise along, taking my sweet ol' time. I figure what's the rush? It will be so easy to find my bike when I go this slow. It's usually the only one left in transition!

I started off in Mike's lane but was quickly moved to the "developmental" lane with 3 other girls. They were ok swimmers. I was definitely not happy with all the stopping and hanging out between laps - I haven't ever attended a masters class but I am pretty sure when you are told to swim 200 that means continuous. NOT resting in between each 50. I told Mike how annoyed I was and he told me that I better work hard to get myself out of that lane quickly. I will!

After we finished, I felt good but I have a lot of work to do if I want to shave 20 minutes off my swim come September. I am going to stick with masters and see what happens. One day, I hope to hang with my friends in the water instead of watching them from afar, way in the back... WAY, WAY in the back.

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knopfler said...

it gets better... trust me.
from one Master's newbie to another.