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Thursday, December 11, 2008

So long

Tonight, we didn't say goodbye to our pal Kim - we said "so long..." I met Kim while I was training for my first marathon in 1998. We became roommates and then friends...we found each other in the Chicago Reader - roommate wanted section. I remember returning from my first race in Los Angeles in March of 1998 and waiting for me was a six pack of beer and a Congratulations balloon. Yup, this friendship was meant to last! She has been with me through the best and worst of times and was with us last year when we 'let go' of Josey. She may not be blood related, but she IS our family.

One day, pre-Mike, Kim and I were at a bar - can't remember the name but can totally picture the setting and we talked about moving away somewhere cool, somewhere awesome. We talked about Colorado but back then, it was just talk. I definitely did not imagine moving here. A few years later I met Mike and we actually took the plunge. Kim wasn't too far behind us, applying to a couple different schools - not sure what she wanted to do.

Well, the time has come for yet another adventure for our little Gibbler... she's moving next weekend to Arizona to finish up acupuncture school. Something tells me she will love the desert and she will definitely not be headed back this way. We will miss her sooooo much but we know we will plan lots of girls weekends this winter to her new and very warm destination. Best of luck Kimmers... you are the best friend any person could ever ask for!!! WE LOVE YOU AND WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!

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