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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Weekend

Friday I was back to work, but not a full day thankfully. Got home early and geared up for happy hour at the Rio with the triathlon crew. The margaritas are crazy good but crazy strong and considering I was driving, I took it easy. It was great to catch up with everyone. I miss our monthly get togethers.

Saturday, while Mike was outside battling mother nature, I was comfortable inside riding the trainer. I rode for 1:40 and then went out to sherpa for Mike. Poor guy. I just wanted to take him home but he needed this run mentally. He's going to do great in Arizona. The weather will be perfect, he will be well rested and he will hammer the marathon.

Sunday was my turn to battle out 20 miles. I shorted myself by 4/10 of a mile but no matter, as I tend to shorten this run (the longest run before the race) by 2 miles just because I can. So, I ran 19.6 miles in 3:17:30. Everything about it felt good. It was windy but not nearly as much as the day before and it was about 20 degrees warmer.

I am ready for Phoenix. It's going to be a fun race and I hope to improve dramatically upon my time since I last ran there. 2 years ago, I decided 8 days before the marathon to actually do it. My longest run had been 12 miles and that was on the treadmill the day I decided to go run it. I think I ran a 4:07? or something like that. A very good time but not so much physically. My legs throbbed and I slowed down ridiculously in the second half. I enjoy the fact that I can just pick up and go run a marathon whenever I want because I keep my running base so high but it's just stupid to think I can go out and run it in under 4 hours when I am not properly training.

The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing with Mike and the girls and eating. Lots of eating. I love eating...

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Go.2.Belle said...

those are so not your running feet.