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Sunday, January 11, 2009

9 Mile Run

The last “big” run before the marathon. Funny because 9 miles is actually a short run but hey, it’s all relative. The weather was crappy as usual but no spills this week. Thankfully. My elbow is still sore from last week’s digger. I ran without a watch or heart rate monitor and just enjoyed my freedom. It was a great run as I enter race week.

I am feeling really good – legs feel strong and faster than they have in the past. Just going to take it easy this week and am psyched to to get to Arizona. The biggest obstacle this week will clearly be to decide which Skirt attire to wear next Sunday. Hey, I’m a girly girl and my race outfit is extremely important! I think Twin and I have finally decided on an outfit... we're undoubtedly going to be all matchy-matchy as we rock n' roll through Phoenix!!

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