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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Digger City: Population - Me

Goal: 15 mile run. Conditions: 18 degrees, light flurries and a slight breeze.
I had to double up in layers and opted to run in my Skins compression recovery tights under my ToughGirl Skirt, a pair of mittens over my gloves, a hat and scarf wrapped around my head and mouth. My asthma is not too happy with me when I try to breathe in cold, cold air so the scarf keeps that area warm and I have no issues with breathing. My sunglasses, however, fog up to high heaven. annoying.

It was overcast with a slight wind and I had a great first loop (6 miles.) Mike and I recently discovered a FREE podcast on Itunes called podrunner. It's typically one hour of fast paced electronic music. I opted for the 180 beats per minute podcast and was cruising along. What a way to get up your heart rate quickly.

I met up with a girlfriend on the second loop and it started to get a little cloudier, a little windier and definitely a LOT colder. Around mile 10, I was just starting to tell her that I think she is ready to try a marathon and THUD, I was down for the count. My right foot tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and I was spread eagle, face down on the ground. I landed on my right elbow, thigh and knee. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I was cold and I was hurting but I just wanted to get home. I confirmed that no one saw the digger but her. Phew!

When I got home, Mike was waiting for me. I showed him my battlescars and got some sympathy. I landed on my Ipod so I had a nice bruise on my thigh; my Toughgirl had a huge hole in the knee and I had a bloody elbow. Sometimes the toughest and worst runs mentally and physically are by far the best and most fun.

My weak elbow scrape


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Jackie said...

I SO sympathise !

Don't go copying me !

Terri said...

And you're so graceful in the office!!