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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Although we didn't quite work a full day Friday (got out at 3pm), I was pretty tired and not up for a really big workout. Doing my best to follow my marathon training plan, I saw that only 4 miles was in order. Nice. A short one.

It was a gorgeous day - in the 60's so dressing light was a welcomed change. I wasn't sure how I wanted to run this - tempo? slow and take my sweet ol time? I guess I just waited til my feet hit the pavement. Wore my heart rate monitor for the first time in weeks so I could guage where I am at these days. I definitely need to re-take my lactate threshhold test as I think I am a little out of range in my current zones.

With Ipod in tow, I cranked up the tunes and headed out. Got to my first mile marker - the 1.48 stoplight and looked at my watch, under 13 minutes. Ok I thought - let's get this party started! I wanted to step up the pace from there. Got to my turn-around point at about 2.1 miles and looked down 17:50. I was determined to negative split this run and really stepped it up from there. Some of you obviously reading this think, that's not so fast - but for me? It's extremely fast for "training." I pounded it out as hard as I could, getting my heart rate at the edge of z3/z4. Got home and my watch made me very happy...34:44. I set an intention to negative split and I did. It's so nice to see progress AND results.

Saturday, I hit the pool. It was my first swim of the year and I was ready to get some distance in. Swam 2000 meters and felt great. I really need to work on my 90 degree catch and practiced one armed swimming as well as catch up. I only wish I could see what I was doing to know if I am really catching or am still windmilling my arms around. May have to head back down to Swimlabs and see.

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