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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Mike and I got back early Monday afternoon and it was so great to be home. I missed the girls SO much!! It was my first weekend away from Willow and I survived. Kelly B. was gracious enough to 'babysit' and the girls were definitely in great, loving hands. Thanks Kell!!

Monday and Tuesday I spent getting back into a routine - feeling somewhat lost but enjoying the idea of doing 'nothing.' Unfortunately for me, that feeling doesn't really last too long and so today I was back at it. Although, the only thing feeling funky right now is my hamstrings. Thankfully, I have Magic Hands - Jess to take care of that Saturday. ahhhh...a massage, can't wait! Oh, and if I haven't mentioned this already - SHE'S TAKING NEW CLIENTS!!!!!!

Depsite the fact it got into the 70's today, I didn't get home early enough to take advantage of that so I rode the trainer. It wasn't too bad since I have several shows that are on the DVR that I need to catch up on. Spent an hour and caught up on ER and started my Oprah viewings. Hey, I'm from Chicago, I can't help it... I love that woman!

Finished off the night with puppy training class for Willow. She's really a great listener and is a terrific student. Tonight we learned "leave it" and "wait." We have 5 weeks left and will probably continue on as she definitely loves the 10 minutes of "social time" afterwards. Ahhh, a girl after my own heart...

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