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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rock n Roll Weekend

We had a blast in Arizona – our incredibly wonderful friends, Mary and Dan, were gracious enough to host Team Freisem, along with J9 for a really fun rockin’ n rollin’ weekend. We spent as little time possible at the expo and hunkered down Saturday afternoon – resting, hydrating and carbo loading. My pal Kimmers - a new Arizona resident – met us for an Italian feast with wine no less and of course we couldn’t refuse. We booted her at 8pm so we could all get a good night’s sleep. Ah, the exciting life of endurance athletes…

Sunday was an early start, with various alarms going off at 4am. Thankfully Mary had 3 bathrooms so we could all take care of “business” before heading to the shuttle buses.

The weather was ideal – high 40s for the 7:40am start. We got VIP treatment thanks to Dan’s hookup with his running shop and I brushed past the shoulders of running great, Frank Shorter as I prepared for the race start. It was pretty exciting.

Met Twin at the start line and we wished each other a very Happy Anniversary as it was exactly 2 years ago that we became friends at this race. The national anthem was sung and in typical race morning fashion, I teared up. It never gets old… the excitement and rush of energy for what’s to come in the next 26.2 miles.

My first half was dead on for a 3:45 marathon but it was work, really. hard. work. I think I had about 40 seconds in the “bank” actually. But around mile 14, the “bank” was held at gunpoint and a robbery was in effect… I was being robbed of my muscles, specifically my glutes and adductors. They were bound, gagged and beaten to a bloody pulp. I had made a decision. I hate flat courses – your muscles get no relief and are constantly working. I would slow down, then try to speed up and that became the game for the entire second half of my race. I finished in a very respectable 4:04 but it was entirely too much work for that speed. I could have gone out much easier and maintained a 9:20 pace and not have felt the torture of the flat roads. It wasn’t all that fun either although the weather was perfect.
I am vowing not to run fast for awhile (as if I actually have a choice! ha!) It’s just not fun and that’s the reason I do this… right? #39 is going to be so much more fun - May 3rd in Ft. Collins...and it's NOT a flat course!! It's going to be a "training run" actually for Ironman... boy, am I anxious to start training for that. I am becoming more aware of how much I love triathlon!

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