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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

20 Miles on the trainer and a little girl time

Mike headed out today to California and unexpectedly is staying until Thursday (instead of tomorrow) so it's just me and the girls. At this time, I definitely get along better with Willow than Mike does. I am not sure why but she really acts out when Mike is "in charge" and I am not around. She definitely tests his patience and is sincerely a Mama's girl. I secretly don't mind since Luna is a daddy's girl.

I got home from work and took Willow for a walk and threw around the tennis ball with Loons in the yard. Cleaned up some, did a load of laundry and emptied the dishwasher. Good grief I need a maid. Around 6:40pm, I hopped on the trainer - which is temporarily set up in the family room while the basement is being worked on.

Caught up on my celebrity gossip on Entertainment Tonight and flipped between American Idol and the Biggest Loser and finished up at 8pm. I had a great 'ride' and I look forward to warmer weather and longer days so I can do it outside. I can't believe we start IM training next month. Where did the past 5 months go? I am so grateful that this time around Luna will have a pal to hang out with her while Mike and I spend more time away from home. It's only temporary and as it did last year, Ironman will be here before we know it.

And did I mention The Fray's new cd? It's amazing and I have already listened to it twice tonight!! They are definitely my favorite band.

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